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Enhance your
Financial Wellness

By analysing and understanding your financial
behaviour, our AI coach helps you achieve
financial well being.
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INSIGHTS • Financial Welness

Meaningful finance
Gary Keller quote

People decide their habits
and their habits decide
their futures.

DMA • Investing

Bargains are waiting
Value stocks

Shares trading at a lower price
relative to its fundamentals are
very appealing.

Take better
financial decisions

Our AI will act as your personal
mentor, nudging and helping you
make the best choices according
to your personality and your goals,
to maximize your long-term
financial wellbeing.



Our AI-generated insights will help you make the best choices according to your financial needs and your goals.


WALLET • Banking

A single view
See the full picture

Connect your other banks to
monitor your activity and get
better insights


The first financial
coach AI to help You
manage Your wealth

Harmonize Your Finances

Coordinating your different financial services and accounts is a daunting task. RIZEAPP’s AI orchestrates your economic life, so that you

  • optimize your resources,
  • have full picture and control, and
  • spend less time making decisions about your money.

Get a closer look at Your financial life

RIZEAPP will always be with you, to call your attention to relevant actions that, if applied, can make a substantial improvement in your financial fitness.

Don’t hesitate to act on RIZEAPP’s insights!

Reveal insights for a deep dive on Your Habits

Holistic wealth management acknowledges you as an individual have multiple, habits, needs and aspirations.

Going far beyond traditional banking, Rizeapp learns and pre-empts your needs and potential wealth management scenarios, across a broad set of financial micro services, to bring you insight that otherwise would be impossible to obtain on your own.

Live a financially healthier and less stressful life

RIZEAPP extrapolates likely current and future scenarios and constructs practical, personalized “insights” with relevant market information, learning opportunities, and wealth-management ideas.

You can expect suggestions to help you realise long-term saving goals, develop and diversify investment skills, or improve your financial portfolio.

Feel the Zen of having your money under control for the long-term!


Relevant, timely
actionable insights

You are always at the center, with hyper-personalized
tools and interactions that will put you in the right track
for holistic financial success.
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Your total balance increased
15% this month. Put some to

Personalised Insights
custom made just for You

  • Wallet · Banking
    Master your budget with a flourish.
    Use our money managment tips. Start your money working

  • DMA · Screening
    US Stocks Data AnalysisDividend Yeld
    The five US Stocks with the highest Divident Yeld

  • DMA · Screening
    US Stocks Data Analysis News Sentiment
    Here are five US Stocks withthe Highest “Very Bullish”blogger consensus.

Save behind the
scenes automatically

Save for your goals and achieve them with minimal
effort, when you have an AI money coach to guide and
nudge you into positive habits.
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Plan and
budget simply

Automate your budget and leave stress behind.
Boost real financial wellness with tailored insights
that remove the surprise factor.
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